This lovely mid-century modern glass vase stands a towering 12" high by 8.5" in diameter at the rim, a large vessel. This vase named 'Eva' was made by glass artist Pertti Kallioinen for the Muurla Glass Factory of Finland, and likely the design of Tauno Wirkkala. The Muurla Glass Factory was founded in 1974, a collaborative venture by Jaakko Uoti, engineer Juhani Ruuskanen, DI Kalevi Lystimäki, glassmakers Pertti and Olli Kähönen and designer Tauno Wirkkala. This piece of art glass is made to resemble ice, and is often referred to as the 'handkerchief' vase for its frilly rim. It has a beautiful soft yellow hue with an ethereal transparency, very much like ice. It still retains its original clear 'Muurla Finland label near the inner upper rim. This series of vases was designed and produced in the 1970s.  This very large vessel is in original studio condition, without flaws. It makes a wonderfully rich presentation.

Mid-Century Modern Scandinavian 'Eva' Handkerchief Vase by Muurla of Finland