This wonderfully large modern Venetian art glass bowl by Cenedese measures 5" high at the front corner and 5.5" high on the back corner by 8" on the diagonal and 7" across the straight sides. It has squared form, rounded at the base, a truly beautifully hand blown bowl by Cenedese and Company. It is made in a fine 'Filigrana' technique utilizing pink, blue and gray canes pulled in a right-hand twist. The fluid swirls are masterfully even around the center of the bowl from base to rim, rising slightly higher at the corner backside in a rather contemporary modern presentation. The base is etched 'Cenedese'. This bowl is in original studio condition with the usual pontil marks and one tiny bubble in one clear cane, which we show in the photos. This form often has small bubbles at the base pontil area, but this one does not. This exceptional Filigrana bowl by Cenedese makes a gorgeous presentation.


Gino Cenedese, Cenedese & Co.

At the end of World War II, in 1946, after being tutored by various glass masters, Mr. Gino Cenedese (1907-1973) – anticipating a brighter era to come – established his own glass factory in partnership with the great glass masters of the time: Alfredo Barbini, Gino Fort, Angelo Tosi and Pietro Scaramal.

Gino Cenedese & Co. is known for exceptional glass making. In 1947, Gino was joined by Alfredo Barbini. He also collaborated with freelance designers, including, Fulvio Bianconi, Riccardo Licata and Napoleone Martinuzzi. In 1959, Antonio Da Ros became artistic director.

Cenedese weaved together the thousand-year-old Venetian glass-making tradition with the creative course of the great masters of the eighteenth century, the destiny of being born on an island of glassmakers with the artistic sensitivity and the entrepreneurial courage, and the technical expertise with the vocation of excellence.

Under his management, the factory soon acquired international renown for its highly prized and exclusive glass, developing greatly and emerging as one of the most qualified of the whole island of Murano.

Though remaining closely bound to the ancient tradition of classical Murano glass – with hand blown glasses, vases, dishes, goblets and Venetian chandeliers – the production opened to the suggestions of contemporary art, pushed by a continuous research for new techniques and effects made possible by glass, and taking advantage of the collaboration with various artists and designers, each one bringing his personal interpretation of the material, colour, and light, each pieces marked out by the manual skill and the talent of the masters.

Filigrana Technique

A refined hot-working technique invented at Murano in the first half of the 16th century. The complex working of “filigree” blown glass objects requires the use of crystal rods prepared beforehand and containing vitreous lattimo (milk glass) or coloured threads in smooth or spiral designs. There are various types: reticello or netted filigree, with a delicate thread net inside the crystal wall; a retortoli, twisted filigree with threads twisted into a spiral pattern (also called zanfirico after the venetian antique dealer Antonio Sanquirico, who commissioned numerous copies of antique glass pieces made using this technique in the first hal of the 19th century). The filigree, or reticello, is obtained using slim glass rods containing threads of opaque, usually white, glass. These rods, which are pencil shaped are placed side by side on a refractory plate and heated in the furnace until they melt and incorporate to became a single piece. The “slab” obtained in this way then “wrapped” around a cylinder of clear, incandescent glass so that only the internal thread (white or coloured) are visible. The glass is then blown as usual, and various objects (vases, glasses, etc.) modelled. In the case of the classic reticello technique, the operation described above is completed in two successive hot-working phases, the result of which is a criss-cross pattern. Considerable skill and artistic talents are needed to carry out this operation successfully.

Mid-Century Modern Italian Murano Cenedese Filigrana Square Art Glass Bowl c1960