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This charming MCM set of C. Bloch figures consists of a mother and two children in miniature. They present like MCM figures. The Mom is dressed in blue, sleek and simple, and she has shoulder-length black hair. The children are dressed in their snowsuits, the smallest child has a pompom hat, the larger child wears a skull bonnet with cat's ears, very sweet. The larger child has eyes and a mouth impression, the smallest child and the Mom have no facial features.The Mom stands 3" high by 2" across by 1" wide, and the larger child stands 1.75" high by 1.5" across by 1.5" wide, and lastly, the smaller child stands 1.5" high by 1" across by 1" wide.  They are made of red clay or terra cotta. They are glazed as noted, and finished in a glossy sheen, their faces and hands are satin mat.  The Mom and the smallest child are well marked C. Bloch Danmark on their bases, the larger child is unmarked, but guaranteed to be original C. Bloch Danmark as well. They are in original condition, no apologies. This very sweet set of Danish Modern miniature figures makes a very sweet and MCM charming presentation.

Mid-Century Modern 1960s C. Bloch Danmark Miniature Figures of a Mother/Children

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