This Merrimac vase stands 8.25" high by 5" in diameter at the rim, and 3.5" in diameter at the base. According to Kovel's, Merrimac Pottery Company was founded by Thomas Nickerson in Newburyport, Massachusetts, in 1902. The company made art pottery, garden pottery, and reproductions of Roman pottery. The pottery burned to the ground in 1908. This vase has a full-bodied chalice form. It is glazed in a magnificent, organic ruby red, in a rich volcanic glaze with touches of aqua, a pleasing glaze combination, which is lustrous in quality, an iridescence, and finished to a soft satin sheen. The close up glaze photos show the detail of the glaze quite well. This vase is unmarked to my eye, but guaranteed to be vintage Merrimac Pottery. Close up photos of the bottom show what could be Merrimac's signature 'fish' impression, but it is covered in glaze. This chalice is in excellent condition, with a very good restoration to a couple of small surface chips at the base edge and a tiny sliver chip on the interior rim edge, which present handsomely. This Merrimac vessel, in an awesome volcanic glaze, makes a wonderfully organic Arts & Crafts presentation!

Merrimac Volcanic-Glazed Vessel in Ruby Red/Aqua Touches Lustrous Glaze Quality


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