This vessel by Margaret Palmer measures 2" high by 5" in diameter.  It has all the qualities of a hand made vessel, with a nice organic form.  It is decorated in a geometric motif, perhaps bordering on Native American symbolism, not sure.  It is glazed in an oatmeal-colored glaze, with green incised decoration, and a terra cotta under glaze color peeking through randomly.  The clay in the foot ring is white, so the reddish touches are possibly an under glaze coat.  It is marked in block letters 'Margaret Palmer', along with a number '29'.  It is unclear if the number is a shape number or the year for 1929.  This was in a collection of pots from upsate NY.  The collector believed that Margaret Palmer was an Alfred graduate, but I cannot find any documentation to support that claim, including a search for that name in 1927, 28 or 29.  It is an interesting studio pot, influenced by Binns???...we'll never know!

Margaret Palmer Alfred Graduate Studio Vessel with Geometric Motif