This scarce, if not rare and stunning pair of Lundin Kudo (1947-2006) Koi Fish sculptures are made of a lightweight porcelain/clay paste. They measure 3.25" high by 8" long by 2.5" wide. They are stylized, but realistically sculpted as genuine-looking Koi. They are glazed in shimmering oranges and iridized golds with copper brown and porcelain white accents, and finished to a glossy sheen. Each Koi was produced in a limited series, but we do not know how many were produced in this size. They are each marked Kudo '97, for Lundin Kudo 1997. This jeweled pair are in original studio condition, no apologies. Japanese Koi are the world's the most popular ornamental pond fish. They often are called 'living jewels' and 'swimming flowers.' Lundin Kudo transformed these living jewels into works of art in clay sculpture.

Lundin Kudo (1947-2006) was an artist in Stuart, Florida, best known for clay sculpture but also a gifted painter. Kudo's work is at once realistic and whimsical. Her wall sculptures of people and Florida scenes are in several public buildings and numerous private homes in Florida, and her free-standing, usually life-size sculptures of people, especially women, are in numerous private collections both in the United States and internationally. Her sculptures of pears, peppers, honeybell oranges, apples, mangoes and other fruits and vegetables and Japanese Koi fish are in homes and offices across the United States and have been featured at numerous galleries. She received a 2001 Niche Award for her Bosc pear series and has been featured on the cover of Fine Art Ceramics magazine. For more about Lundin Kudo, visit this lnk:

Lundin Kudo Koi Fish Limited Edition Series Porcelain-Clay Sculptures Florida


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