This very handsome Lonhuda Faience footed vase stands 4" high by 4.5" across by 3.5" in diameter. Based upon our research online, the Lonhuda Pottery Company of Steubenville, Ohio, was organized in 1890 by William Long, W. H. Hunter, and Alfred Day. Long and Laura Fry developed the Faience glaze line in 1892, a glaze application delivery process developed by Fry.  Lonhuda exhibited at the Chicago Exposition in 1893, where Sam Weller saw their wares.  Plans to enlarge the Steubenville plant never materialized, with a large part of the production going to Zanesville's Weller Pottery. At some point, Sam Weller acquired an interest in Lonhuda, eventually changing the name to 'Louwelsa', a combination of his daughter Louise's name and his own.  Lonhuda closed in 1895-96. William Long went on to establish the Denver China Company around 1900-1905. This Lonhuda vase is decorated with exquisitely executed Holly leaves and berries. The decoration boasts the best definition we've ever seen on a Lonhuda decorated vase.  It is glazed in a rich standard glaze, dominated in deep chocolate brown and ochre tones, with very complementary colors in the artwork. The decoration was executed by the artist E.L. or E.U., whose identity is unknown.  Artists for the Lonhuda Pottery included the likes of Misses Laura Fry, Sarah McLaughlin, Helen Harper, Mr. William Long, and others. This vase is well marked Lonhuda name and shield on the base, along with the initials 'EL' or 'E.U.'. It is in excellent condition, with a superb restoration to one foot.  The shadows are from camera glare, the glaze is very uniform.  This is a stunning example of Lonhuda Faience!

Lonhuda Faience 4" x 4.5" Standard Glaze Footed Vase Holly Berries/Leaves by EL

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