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This Lisa Larson standing Cat measures 5" high by 3" across by 2.25" wide. Lisa Larson designed many mid century objects for Gustavsberg's Porcelain Factory beginning in 1954 until 1980, after which she began working independently. Larson produced many varieties of animals, including many Cats and many fabulous tiles over the years. This Cat has blue stripes over his chamotte stoneware body, with a great face hand-painted by Larson, so each is individually decorated. This little guy is in factory original condition, no apologies. He has some marks under his base, which are not legible to my eye, and any paper labels are long gone. I guarantee him to be vintage Lisa Larson from the 1950s. If you are a fan of Lisa's work, you will love this very handsome feline!

Lisa Larson, The Artist:
According to online sources, one day in the 1950s, Lisa Larson made a model of a cat with its tail in the air. The cat was made of dark brown chamotte stoneware with carved stripes on the back. Only the face was covered in a grayish white glaze with painted eyes, nose and whiskers. This modernistic cat was followed by two other cats with typical fifties expression. The cats later became part of the Small Zoo (Lilla zoo) series. The series consists of seven animal figurines in total.The ”Small Zoo” series consists of seven animal figurines of which three are cats. They are made of chamotte stoneware with modernistic shapes. Gustavsberg’s artistic leader Stig Lindberg caught sight of the standing cat in Lisa's studio, and he suggested to her that she should make a series, and she did!

$OLD! TY! Lisa Larson Cat Scandinavian MCM Design for Gustavsberg c1950s