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This Lenox Belleek Ceramic Art Company (CAC) hand painted mug stands 5.5" high by 4.5" in diameter, and 5.5" across the handle. It has a classic mug form, with a nicely decorated handle at its side. It is decorated with a scene of a Monk enjoying a glass of wine. It is glazed in deep chestnut browns, and the base is wrapped in a laurel wreath, with thinning glaze at the high points. There is a band of gold gilt trim on the inner rim, which shows wear from use.  This mug is marked with the Lenox CAC logo on the bottom, which dates this mug to 1889-1906. It is in original factory condition, with some no harm minor wear from handling over the past 100+ years. This Lenox Belleek CAC mug makes a handsome presentation.
According to the Trenton, NJ City Museum website, Ceramic Art Company (Lenox) - In 1889, Walter Scott Lenox left Willets and went into partnership with Jonathan Coxon, superintendent of Ott & Brewer, and founded the Ceramic Art Company (CAC). This partnership lasted until the spring of 1896 when Coxon sold his interest to Lenox. The company continued as the Ceramic Art Company with the word "Lenox" or 'Belleek' added beneath the CAC mark. In February 1906, the name of the company was changed to Lenox, Inc. It is one of the few Trenton potteries from the 19th century that has survived to the present.

Lenox Belleek Ceramic Art Company 5.5" Mug with Monk c1889-1906

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