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This magnificent Lenox Belleek hand painted and decorated porcelain vase stands a tall 9.5" high by 4.5" in diameter. It has a very nice hexagonal form. This vase form dates to 1906-1924. The hand painted decoration by 'B.G. Harvie' is exquisitely executed with cascading floral spray medallions, and framed by heavy gilt bands in the floral sprays, along with gilt bands at the base and rim. Blossoms cover the lower half of the vase in a very eye-pleasing pattern.  It is a gorgeous presentation! We do not know anything about the artist, but her skill level was certainly above average. This vase is porcelain white, with vivid complementary enamel colors, and accents in heavy gilt, which remain as vibrant and supple today as they likely did in 1962.  This vessel is marked Lenox Belleek on the bottom, along with the Lenox logo, with the artist's palette mark. The vase is from Lenox's 1889-1906 period, based upon it's ink stamp mark, which fits with vessels of this type that were intended for china-painters during that time.  Many women decorated wares for their homes, many possessed artistic abilities, some were self-taught and others attended workshops to acquire or hone their artistic skills. artwork is dated 11.19.62, for November 19, 1962. The artist's signature reads B.G. Harvie.  Given the period for this vase, there is no way to explain the 1962 date. Perhaps Miss Harvie decorated this in the day (early 1900s), and signed it in 1962 as a gift, but alas we will never know its full story.  beauty is in original condition, no apologies. If you collect Lenox Belleek vases from this period, this is an absolutely stunning example that deserves to be loved for 100 more years!

Lenox Belleek 9.5" China-Painted Art Deco Hexagonal Vase Floral Motif d1962

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