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  • magnificent Lenox Belleek hand painted and decorated vase stands a tall 11.75" high by 7" in diameter at its widest point, 5" at the base and 3.5" at the rim. It has a fabulous hexagonal form, which is so statuesque and so pleasing to the eye, it's stunning! This vase form dates to 1906-1924, and this one is inscribed as a Christmas gift in 1918. The hand painted decoration by 'Agnes' is exquisitely executed with six bird medallions, and framed by floral garland borders at the base and rim. It will take your breath away, just a gorgeous presentation! We do not know anything about the artist, but her skill level is several notches above average. This vase is porcelain white, with vivid complementary colors, and accents in blue and silver, which remain as vibrant and supple today as they likely did in 1918, more than 100 years ago! This vessel is marked Lenox Belleek on the bottom, along with the Lenox logo, with the artist's palette mark. The artist inscription reads: 'To Dearest Mother Mine' 'Xmas 1918' 'From Agnes'.  I nearly cried when I turned it over. beauty is in original condition, no apologies. If you collect Lenox Belleek vases from this period, this is an absolutely stunning example that needs to be loved for 100 more years!

Lenox Belleek 11.75" China-Painted Art Deco Hexagonal Vase Bird Medallions d1918

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