This gorgeous KPM Porcelain Co. (Germany) china-painted decorated tray stands 1" high by 10.25" in diameter.  It has a rounded form with cutout tray handles.  It is porcelain white, and is decorated with copious blossom sprays or bouquets, and gilt trim, simply a beautiful presentation.  The blossoms are lavender, yellow and orange with green leaves.  It is piped in thin black line accents.  This tray is well marked with a KPM logo, likely a KPM blank, made specifically for china painters.  Many companies sold their white porcelain-like ware to china-painters at the turn of the last century.  Many women, mostly homemakers, were buying items to decorate in women's groups, or simply to work on at home in their leisure time.  Some pieces are very ornate, some pretty decorative objects, such as this one.  The styles varied from an Arts & Crafts motif, sometimes transitioning to more of an Art Deco style. Oftentimes, the women would initial their work, and this one is signed by 'M.C. Myers'.  This tray is in original condition, no apologies.  It makes a simply lovely presentation!

KPM Porcelain China-Painted Tray in A&C/Art Deco Decoration c1920-30


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