This beautiful Jules Vieillard French Bordeaux transfer tile measures a large 8" square by about 1/2" thick. It depicts a family of birds with four baby birds being fed by a parent, and another bird circling in flight as if protecting the nest. This tile dates to c1870-1880. The Jules Vieillard Bordeaux Tile Co. produced tiles from c1855 through to c1895. Vieillard won many awards and gold medals for his artistic achievements at the Universal Exhibition of Paris. He was influenced by the English in the first half of the 19th century and eventually designed his own designs, which were floral and some oriental motifs, which can be seen in this tile design. Vieillard was recognized as the head of the most beautiful establishment in France equipped to oppose the English manufacturers. This tile is well marked Bordeaux CIE on the verso. This tile is in remarkable condition with some glaze scuffs on the outer edges, and some surface abrasions/loss on the underside as shown in the photos, but remains structurallysound. The shadows on the front surface are from camera glare, the surface is evenly glazed, no ‘white spots’. It is transfer decorated with wonderful colors and only shows mild fine crazing. This is a stunningly beautiful tile.

Jules Vieillard Bordeaux Birdnest Large Transfer Tile c1870-1880


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