This Simpson planet paperweight measures 2.75" high by 3" in diameter, and weighs 1lb., 7 oz. It has a heavy rounded form and it presents like a planet with oceans and cratered surfaces in a rainbow of colors, and a comet-like structure free-floating with a trail of tiny bubbles, or perhaps it is a spacecraft, whatever's intended, it's a great design.  The colors are beautiful under clear glass. This paperweight is marked Simpson, dated 1987, along with an etched number code P-3-170.  It is in excellent condition, no blemishes.

Josh Simpson lives in Shelburne, Massachusetts.  His art glass graces all corners of this planet.  While skilled in all phases of glass-blowing, Josh is best known for his glass planets, which come in all sizes.  He is fascinated by the cosmos, and it is reflected in his art.  Interestingly, he is married to astronaut Cady Coleman.  He has built a celebrated art career, with numerous great articles online for your reading pleasure.  There are also videos of his glass-blowing adventures.

Josh Simpson Glass Paperweight Planet w/Spaceship/Trailing Comet


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