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This family of Josef Originals Mouse Village figures are sooo cute!  There are six in all, out of a family of many.  The tallest is dressed in a red vest at 2.75" high, and the smallest is 'Peanut' at 2" high.  They are adorable!  These figures were made by Josef Originals of California.  They moved their operations to Japan in the late 1950s in efforts to combat copycats of their figurines by rogue companies in Japan. The other four figures include 'Petunia', a baby mouse holding a sweetheart candy, a Caroler and another small one writing with a pencil "I Love You'.  They are ceramic and all are in original condition, no apologies.  All but Petunia bear tiny foil labels noting 'Josef Originals' and some also are marked 'Japan' on a foil label.  We guarantee these cutey pies to be original Josef Mouse Village figures...they will hug you coming out of the box, we guarantee it!

Josef Originals Teensy Mouse Village Figurals (6) in Miniature

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