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This handsome set of English Transfer tiles are set in a beautiful frame measuring 12" high by 20" across by 1.5" thickness in the frame. The tiles themselves measure 6" square.  There are two tiles in all, from Shakespeare's Plays; one depicts an image from Antony and Cleopatra, Act IV and the other from Macbeth, Act III. They are transfer tiles in sepia brown tones over an ivory ground. Based upon my research online, they were made by the Mintons Ceramic Tile Works in England for John Moyr Smith the designer, c1890s. We did not remove the professionally-backed frame to examine the backside of these tiles. The tiles are framed in a very nice frame with a background that is made from red suede, which is soft and supple, a very rich presentation set. This very handsome framed tile set is in near original condition, with just a couple of surface nicks on the edges, and normal handling wear. Shipping for this set will be based upon your zip code. If questions, please ask.

John Moyr Smith for Mintons Ceramic Tile Works Framed Tile Set c1890s

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