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This impressive John Bennett decorated vase stands 6.25" high by 5.5" in diameter.  John Bennett (1840-1907) was a British ceramic artist who spent much of his career in America.  He is known for decorative glazed earthenware with natural motifs.  Bennett came from Burslem, Staffordshire. In the 1870s, he was the director of the faience department at Doulton & Co. in London.  Around 1876, he immigrated to America and started his own ceramic business in New York City. Soon after arriving in the city, Bennett joined up with Edwin Lycett in the Brooklyn area.  His work soon became sought-after for its high quality and painterly style.  Bennett's pieces of glazed earthenware include vases and plates, often decorated with highly colored, asymmetrical designs of flowers and other motifs from nature. His style is influenced by oriental pottery, the Aesthetic Movement, and the Arts and Crafts movement as can be seen in his pots.  His work is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Brooklyn Museum, and numerous other museums and art institutions.  This vessel is cloaked in Dogwood blossoms, which are  covered in snow, which is applied by heavy slip.  A similarly decorated Snow on Dogwoods vessel resides at the Everson Museum in Syracuse.  This vase is marked with a capitol 'P.', but no other marks.  We do not know the significance of the letter mark, but this decoration is clearly the work of John Bennett.  Given its decoration, we believe it dates to the early 1880s.  This jewel is in studio mint condition, no apologies.

John Bennett NYC Dogwood Blossoms in Snow Vase c1880s Mint

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