This organically-glazed studio vase stands a tall 10" high by 5.25" in diameter.  It has a hand built barrel form, which has an inner body ridge on the interior of the vessel. This vessel was hand made by an Asian artist, likely Japanese given its structure and glaze. This vase is glazed in a thick and organic lava-like/volcanic glaze, which is akin to Grueby's 'broken' glaze effect, with the undertones peeking through the separations in the glaze.  The upper half is glazed in a combination of ochre and oyster glaze, and the lower half has a green random drip glaze over an oyster combination glaze.  It does appear to be marked on the side with a cipher impressed into the lower side, but I cannot decipher it.  Because it is on the lower side edge, near the base, I am attributing it to an Asian Studio.  The glaze is thick and leathery from tip to toe, so there is no evidence of a base marking, as it would be covered in glaze.  This vessel is in studio original condition, no apologies.  This pot has a nice heft to it, and makes a a killer glaze presentation!

Japanese Studio Impressive 10" Vase In Organic Lava/Volcanic Glazes

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