This beautiful set of Italian faience tiles measure 8" high by 4" wide, and they are framed in carved gold leaf frames measuring 11" high by 7" wide. They each depict three charming children in different poses. According to online sources, the molds were made by artist Ugo Lucerni and the artist of the original works was Giancarlo Cecchi. The tiles were produced in the 1960s in Florence, Italy. According to the estate, this set was purchased by a couple vacationing in Italy in the early 1960s. One bears a paper label on its backside which reads 'Putti Donatello', which loosely translates to 'cherub' or 'child' sculpture. Each tile has a name in-mold, which may be its title or perhaps part of the artist's marks, but they are difficult to read. Each tile has what appears to be deliberate generalized crazing to add 'age' to their presentation. They are glazed in a white ground with very nice complementary colors in the decoration. These charming tiles are in original condition, and framed beautifully in gold leaf frames. These tiles make a sweet and charming old-world presentation, they're beautiful!

Italian Faience-Decorated Tiles Children 'Putti Donatello' by Lucerni & Cecchi