This rather scarce 'Island' or 'Icelandic' vessel by Listvinahus Pottery measures 5" high by 5.5" in diameter.  It has a very handsome ovoid form on a narrow platform base.  It is glazed in a very nice mottled or sponged under glaze in rich sable browns, and covered in a light green, rutile-type glaze effect.    This vase is well marked with the distinctive three-mountain incised mark, along with the word 'Island', which is Icelandic for Iceland. It has a red clay body, and the glaze is smooth, and finished in a mirror gloss.  This vessel is in studio original condition, no apologies.  This vase is likely from the earlier dates of the pottery under the direction of the sculptors Gudmundur Einarsson/Einar Gudmundsson/Sigurjon Einarsson.  A student of Gudmundur Einarsson; Ragnar Kjartansson, later took over the pottery with help from a friend, and his works were made under the name 'GLIT' Ceramics, which produced 'lava'-glazed wares dating to 1958, and beyond.

Icelandic 'Listvinahus' Pottery Gudmundur Einarsson c1927-37