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This impressive Heubach German porcelain vase stands 6" high by 6" across the handles by 4.5" in diameter.  This lovely vase dates to c1900.  It has a beautiful statuesque form, with a stunningly beautiful cameo of a woman in a translucent gown.  Her drapes are flowing, and she appears to be floating in air.  There is also a cherub-like baby playing with a balloon.  They are surrounded by flora and vines in a Pâte-Sur-Pâte border, which is simply gorgeous.  There are gilt touches adorning the cameo, and the handles and rim. The vase is glazed in a medium green, and the oval Pâte-Sur-Pâte ground is a soft creamy white, which really contrasts with the beauty of the figures in a white Pâte-Sur-Pâte paste.  This vase is marked on the base with a depose register mark.  This vessel is in original condition, with just minor wear to the gilt trim on the interior rim.  If you favor Pâte-Sur-Pâte ornamentation, this vase is a stunning example of Art Nouveau, with superb German porcelain quality.

Heubach German Porcelain Pâte-Sur-Pâte Vase With a Woman and a Baby Gold Floral

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