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This impressive Heliosine Ware vessel made in Austria c1890-1900 stands a monumental 11.75" high by 8" across the handles by 6" in diameter for the body, and 3" in diameter at the rim. This Art Nouveau beauty has an exceptional form, which is very statuesque, with a pinched body and four fabulous curved handles around the vase. It is bested only by its glaze, which is phenomenal in iridized purples, greens and a rainbow of other hues that change with every turn of the vessel, it's the best Heliosine we have ever seen. It is well marked Austria and Heliosine Ware on the base, along with its shape number 210 01, 3D (likely size codes) and the initial 'V', which is likely a glazier ID or code. This vessel is in original factory condition with some factory stilt marks and underbase grinding for excess glaze drips, and a couple of glaze skips on the interior rim, all in the making of this lovely pot. It has been well-loved for more than 120 years, simply a superb example of Austrian Art Pottery. This vase has it all, size, form, glaze and condition, no apologies. Shipping will be based upon your zip code because of its large size.

Heliosine Ware Art Nouveau Statuesque Pinched Vase w/Four Handles Austria Iridiz