This Hampshire Pottery vase stands proudly at 11" high by 7.5" across the handles by 6.5" in diameter. It has a very handsome full-bodied classic form, cinched at the base, with boxy handles. This vase is glazed in Hampshire's signature killer matte green glaze, which has tremendous depth and character, an alligatored texture, and laced with hints of charcoal. It is the BEST Hampshire matte green glazed we've ever seen. There is an interior rim shelf as can be seen in the photos.  We've had this vase several times over the years, with and without the rim shelf, but have never encountered one with a lid.  Not sure why the shelf.  It is well marked 'Hampshire Pottery' on the base, along with an 'M' in a circle, which is designer Cadmon Robertson's 'M' cipher added to pots in tribute to his wife, Emoretta who was the sales manager at the company's storefront.  This vessel is in original factory condition, with the usual glaze nuances, including minute glaze pops in areas thick with glaze, but no apologies. This vase makes an awesome Arts & Crafts presentation.

Hampshire 11" Arts & Crafts Vase In Killer Matte Green W/Boxy Handles


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