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This fabulous Haeger Early American line vessel stands a monumental 14" high by 7" in diameter, 1.5" at the rim, and 3.5" at the base edge, a very large pot. The entire vase is horizontally ribbed. Best of all, it is glazed in a wonderfully colorful 'Sunset' color palette, which transitions from brown to orange to yellow. This vase is well marked on the base 'Early American' by Haeger USA, 12-H. It seems odd to be named 'Early American' for a line that is clearly a fabulous MCM glaze line. It is in factory original condition with a teensy glaze fleck at the rim, which is not obvious in the least. This large MCM vase makes a great presentation. Shipping will be based upon your zip code, it will not ship at our usual flat rates because of its size.

Haeger Mid-Century Modern 1950s-60s 14" Early American Sunset Vase

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