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This Grueby urn/vase stands 6" high by 8" in diameter, a handsome pot.  It has a classic urn form, squat with a nice large footprint. It is glazed in a rich and supple matte green curdled glaze, loaded with character. This vase is marked with the Lotus flower die stamp on the base, which reads 'Grueby Pottery, Boston, U.S.A.'.  It is in original studio condition, with a factory stilt pull in the glaze in the footring on the underside, which is well shown in the photos and does not detract from this pot in the least. It has the usual glaze nuances, common to Grueby pots. This large vessel makes a very handsome Arts & Crafts presentation. We show this pot on an Arts & Crafts stand to show the glaze by a piece of brown furniture, it does not go with the vessel.

$OLD! TY! Grueby Urn/Vase In Matte Green Curdled Glaze Lotus Flower Mark c1910

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