This Gouda Regina vessel measures 7.5" by 7" across the handles by 6" in diameter. It has a beautiful full-bodied shapely form with handles at its sides. It is exquisited decorated in a polychrome floral mat in a transitional Art Nouveau/Art Deco style, in a pattern named 'Verona'. It is glazed in rich and vibrant colors.  This vessel is marked on the underside as can be seen in the photos. It is marked with its shape number 235, along with its Regina W.B. crown designation and its pattern name 'Verona'. This vase dates to c1920s-30s when Regina introduced mat glazes, which were much in favor at the time, and its shape number is an earlier rather than late number, so fitting to the 1920s-30s era. It is in factory original condition, with a fine, minute nearly imperceptible glaze splinter at the base edge. This is a handsome example of Gouda's Art Nouveau/Art Deco era and it would complement any décor or collection. more about Gouda's Regina Pottery below:

Regina Pottery: Clay pipe manufacturing was how most pottery factories began. Regina  was no exception, starting in the year 1898, by Van der Want and Barras. The 'W.B.' on the base of Regina pottery cites the owners 'Van der Want and Barras'. It was a typical family business. The Regina name derives from Queen Wilhelmina.

Regina started to produce their decorative and ornamental pottery towards the end of WW1 in 1917. In the mid 1920's there were about 90 people working for Regina, of which 40 to 50 were painters. Gouke Bonsel was artistic director and under his animated leadership, Regina became a prosperous company. He designed the glossy dark floral patterns. Other painters were Leendert Hakker, who came from Rozenburg, Jan W. van Schaik and Aart Stolk.

During the 1920's -1930's, the mat patterns became very popular. This so-called “Gouda mat” had the most variety. After 1935 the Delft period began when many pieces were painted in the typical Delfts blue and red patterns, however, the mat designs and even the glossy uni patterns were painted until the end came in 1979. Decorators from the later period after WW2 included Henk Meilof (Delfts red), Henk van Wensveen (Poly Delfts), Peter van der Kroef, Jan Gouka, Joop de Jong and Ria Nobel. The Regina Factory closed in 1979.

Gouda Regina Verona Pattern Vase with Handles c1920s-30s In Art Nouveau/Art Deco