This Gouda designed vase stands 6.75" high by 4" in diameter at the rim, and 2.5" in diameter at the base. It has a beautiful and classic trumpet form. It is exquisited decorated in a floral, Arts & Crafts style.  In the online references, I did find some indication that this vase likely dates to 1929. The word Plazuid was not used until after 1928, so that fits.  The 'Fin' is probably the pattern name.  The 'V over S' is the artist's initials, but they note that the identity of that artist remains a mystery.  If you are interested in learning more about Gouda and identifying the marks, this link is a wonderful primer!  This vessel is well marked on the base as can be seen in the photos. It is marked Plazuid Holland, along with other pertinent marks. It is in excellent condition, with a very good restoration to a simple small base edge sliver chip, and a tiny flea bite at the rim. This is a wonderful example of Gouda's Arts & Crafts era and it would complement any décor or collection.

Gouda Decorated Trumpet Vase In Luscious Colors c1929 by Artist 'VS'


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