This pretty scarce, if not rare Gonder lamp screams mid-century modern in its design. There are two Asian figures on platforms at different heights, flanking the central cylinder. It stands 27.5" high from tip to toe, that is, finial to base.  The pottery portion measures 16.5" high by 7.5" across by 5.5" wide. This original lamp is in both Gonder reference books, one showing an all chartreuse example, the other this one in black and chartreuse, which is an awesome glaze combination that really pops. We've never seen this lamp before, and we are delighted to offer it for auction.  It is a working lamp and the wiring is good.  There are no obvious marks, and the underside is covered in felt, which we did not remove. It is in near original condition with just some minute glaze scaling on the lower edge in the black glaze, shown in the photos.  There are a couple of clay smudges, factory in origin, on the backside of one figure.  There are tiny glaze bubbles over the clay smudges. There are a couple of tiny glaze skips, which are smooth to touch and definitely factory in origin, not damage.  This is a very critical assessment of this lamp, which presents beautifully.  The harp separates from the lamp, and is missing its metal flange covers to lock it in place. Overall, you will not be disappointed. This lamp has an awesome mid-century presentation. Please ask if any questions.

Gonder Pottery Lamp with Asian Figures in Black/Chartreuse c1950