This Fulper bowl stands 3.5" high by 7" across the handles by 6" in diameter. It has a high-handled bowl form, called a 'shouldered jardiniere' by the Fulper Company.  This bowl is glazed in a handsome combination of greens, with a touch of amber, and some crystalline accents, all finished to a semi-matte. The interior of the bowl looks like a melted and carmelized ice cream sundae bowl (see last photos). This bowl is marked on the base with a racetrack oval inkstamp, dating it to c1917-1934. It is shape number 73S.  This bowl is in factory original condition, but with more than the usual glaze nuances. There are pinholes and glaze pops inside and out, with heavy glaze pools, which caused heavy glaze pulls on the underside.  There are felt disks leveling the bowl, so that it sits amazingly even on a flat surface, all shown in the photos. This Fulper bowl, despite its challenges at the Fulper factory, and its obvious flaws, makes a nice presentation!

Fulper Shouldered Bowl W/High Handles c1917-1934 In Green Crystalline Glaze F469