This Fulper 'Primitive' line (also called 'Colonial' by many collectors) flower frog stands 3/4" high by 3.5" in diameter. It has a classic flower frog rounded form, with clean ridege lines. It is glazed in a nice brown glaze, which thins at the high points allowing the clay peek through under an amber haze, and with several glaze skips. This Scarab flower frog is well marked with the oval racetrack ink stamp, dating to c1917-1934. There is also another ink stamp that looks like the shape of a vase, with some illegible letters and/or numbers. I asked for Jon Kornacki's (a well respected Fulper authority) thoughts, and Jon has never encountered this kind of mark, and thinks perhaps it is an after market notation.  It really does appear to be in the form of an amphora vessel, so it leads me to think it is related in some way.  I suppose it will remain a mystery for now.  This flower frog is in factory original condition, with the usual glaze nuances and skips as seen in the photos.  This seldom seen flower frog makes a handsome presentation.

Fulper Primitive Round Flower Frog In Brown Glaze


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