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This elusive Fulper 'Potpourri Jar' measures 3.5" high by 5.75" in diameter. It has a rounded base, which is very organic in form and glaze, and it is topped with its original lattice lid. This potpouri jar is Fulper shape number 81A. It is glazed in a great cobalt blue, violet and charcoal glaze combination, which lays on the vessel most handsomely. It is marked with the squared racetrack mark dating it to 1909-1916. Finding one of these pots with their lid is a challenge, so I am delighted to be able to offer this for sale. Overall, this jar is in good stable condition. There is a restoration to a tiny glaze nick on the interior rim, which we show in the photos. The lid has more extensive restoration for a section that had three breaks, with minimal loss of clay or glaze, but separated nonetheless. It has been well restored and would add to any pottery collection. The glaze is absolutley phenomenal.

Fulper Potpourri Lattice-Lidded Jar in Organic Cobalt/Violet/Charcoal Glazes

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