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This handsome Fulper lamp stands 16.5" high (8.5" for pottery portion) by 6" in diameter. It has a nice jug form, with pinched sides. This lamp is not a conversion, rather made as a lamp. It is glazed in a rich and fabulous Cucumber Crystalline glaze, which lays on this pot very handsomely. It is not marked  on the underside, as can be seen in the photos. It is in original condition, with the usual glaze nuances common to Fulper pots, but no exterior damage or blemishes. It has a metal cap at the top. The jug form version of this lamp by itself had a cap, but I suppose the company would have had to drill the cap, so the lamp version was not made to include a cap. This lamp is in working order, and is shown lit in the last photo. It presents quite handsomely.

Fulper Original Lamp from Pinched Jug In Cucumber Crystalline Glazes

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