This Fulper Ibises bowl stands 5.5" high by 10.5" in diameter. It has a very handsome form, with three Ibises holding up a large bulb bowl, a great presentation! Better yet, this bowl is glazed in a handsome combination of matte and flambe glazes. It is glazed in a combination glaze of blue and charcoal mat glazes on the exterior and a flambe interior dominated in green with great feathery drips. This Ibises bowl is marked on the base with a boxy rectangular inkstamp mark, dating it to around 1909-1916, a great period for Fulper Arts & Crafts pottery. It is in excellent condition, with a restoration to a surface chip on the top of the head of one of the Ibises, and there looks to be a small surface chip restoration on the base edge of one foot, probably for a grinding chip. The necks all appear to be intact as do the legs. This classic Fulper Ibises bowl makes a great Arts & Crafts presentation!

Fulper Ibises Bowl In Blue/Charcoal Matte/Flambe Glazes

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