This impressive and hard-to-find Fulper lamp base stands a very tall 17.5” high by 14” in diameter across the base foot by 4.25" in diameter at the top. It has a handsome full-bodied Arts & Crafts mushroom stem form. Best of all, it is glazed in a killer cucumber green crystalline glaze, which covers this base from tip to toe with a deep green glaze loaded with thick leathery crystals, an awesome glaze effect. It is finished to a satin mat. This lamp base is marked with a squared racetrack ink stamp, dating it to c1909-1916, along with the number '6', it's shape number. This is actually shape #L6A, well documented in the references, and guaranteed to be vintage Fulper Pottery. Sadly, like many of these lamps, the mushroom shade likely bit the dust long ago. This handsome lamp base is in very good condition, with a tight, short hairline in the base foot. The line is visible in the underside photos as can be seen in the listing. The line is inside and out. Under a loupe, you can see the line eminate from the base and it just rolls over the rounded foot before it disappears. I cannot catch my fingernail in it on the exterior, but it is what it is, a hairline. It has dual porcelain sockets at the top sides and it lights just fine with the plug. The toggle switch is still intact on the topside base, and it is not frozen, but it does not turn the lamp on or off. The hardware appears to be original. This base has the usual glaze nuances common to Fulper pots, including some fine glaze splinters at the base edge, but nothing offensive. Obviously, if you have a shade that will fit this base, I'm delighted for you! The glaze is really a stunner! Shipping will be determined based upon your zip code because of its size.


Fulper Arts & Crafts Mushroom Lamp Base In Cucumber Green Crystalline Glaze


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