This impressive Fulper vase stands 9.75" high by 5.5" in diameter. It has a handsome, 6-sided form, in a nice Arts & Crafts presentation. This vase, shape number 509, is glazed in a deep, vibrant blue over rose glaze, which sluices together to almost a deep purple hue in spots. It is doubly marked with a raised racetrack mark, dating it to c1917-1927, and a paper label, which dates to 1917-1927 as well. This handsome vase is in very stable condition, with a partially plugged drill hole in the center base. The drill hole was pretty clean on the base, confined mostly to the center of its raised racetrack mark, and right through its paper label. There is some clay fill on the interior. It likely has spent much of its life as a lamp, a common thing for Fulper pots in the day. It has the usual glaze nuances common to Fulper pots, along with a couple of very small scratches in the glaze, and an interesting glaze effect as can be seen in the photos. This vessel makes a rich Arts & Crafts presentation!

Fulper 9.75" 6-Sided Vase In Purple/Blue over Deep Rose Glazes c1917-27 F265

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