This Fulper Pottery wallpocket stands 8" high by 4.5" across by 2.75" deep. It has a nice full-bodied form, with a banded Greek Key design at the shoulder. It is glazed in a rich blue glaze with a lavender hue. The glaze thins at the high points allowing the under glaze peek through and it is finished in a nice satin matte.  This wallpocket is marked with the squared ink stamp, dating it to circa 1909-1917. It is in factory original condition, with some factory glaze nuances at the rear shoulder edge, shown in the photos, along with factory stilt marks. It looks like there was a drip of glaze that developed into a clay pull when removed from the kiln, factory in origin. This is a very handsome Arts & Crafts style wallpocket in a handsome glaze.

Fulper 8" Wallpocket Greek Key Banded Design Shape 487 in Blue Matte Glaze c1909


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