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This very handsome Fulper lamp stands a tall 18" high finial to toe, with the pottery portion measuring 7.5" high by 8.5" in diameter. It has a three-handled ball urn form, in a pleasing Arts & Crafts presentation. This lamp is glazed in a soft Cinnamon Tan glaze combination, with hints of blue. It is unmarked, but guaranteed to be vintage Fulper. This handsome lamp is in original condition, with a some grinding glaze abrasions at the base edge, shown in the photos and a factory original hole in the side base.  This working lamp has the usual glaze nuances common to Fulper pots, including some glaze crazing, and overall, it has a handsome glaze as can be seen in the photos. This lamp makes a very nice Arts & Crafts presentation!

Fulper 18" (7.5" x 8.5") Original Three-handled Lamp in Cinnamon Tan Glaze

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