This very handsome Fulper ovoid vase stands a tall 12.5" high by 5.75" in diameter. It has a large form, in a simple Arts & Crafts presentation. This vase, shape number 56S, is glazed in a great cucumber green crystalline glaze, with awesome glaze effects. This shape came in three sizes, and this is the smaller of the three.  It is marked, dating it to c1909-1917. This handsome vase is in very stable condition, with a clean drill hole in the center base. The drill hole is pretty clean on the exterior base, confined mostly to the center, just clipping the edge of its squared racetrack mark. This vase has likely spent much of its life as a lamp, a common thing for a large Fulper pot in the day. It has the usual glaze nuances common to Fulper pots, but overall, this vase has a killer glaze crystallization as can be seen in the photos. This vessel makes a pleasing Arts & Crafts presentation!

$OLD! Fulper 12.5" Ovoid Vase In Cucumber Green Crystalline Glazes c1909-17 F116



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