This Frankoma Nude by Gerald Smith stands a tall 12" high by 4.25" across by 4.25" wide. She has a beautiful form, very statuesque, holding up a flowing drape, with a large urn on her shoulder. She has long tresses and great details. She is glazed in a smooth ivory/white, and finished to a gloss sheen. This figure is one of a series of six Nudes designed by Gerald Smith and made by the Frankoma Factory under Smith's direction. It is a limited series. This beauty is well marked on the base. She is signed by Gerald Smith and she bears his initials, as well as the Frankoma Pottery name. She is Smith shape GS53.  She is numbered 176, which indicates she is number 176 in the series, which we believe was limited to 500. She is in original condition, no apologies.

$OLD! Frankoma 12" Nude W/Vase Figure Gerald Smith Signed Ivory/White #176 Mint


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