This Frankoma Nude by Gerald Smith stands a tall 11" high by 6" across by 3.5" wide. She has a gorgeous form, very statuesque, seated and leaning against a stylized Oak tree. This figure referred to as a 'Dryad', also known as a 'Nymph of the Oak Tree' has long tresses, which appear to be flowing in the breeze. Her seat is a series of stylized leaves, a gorgeous accent to an already beautiful object. She is glazed in a smooth ivory/white, and finished to a gloss sheen. This figure is one of a series of six Nudes designed by Gerald Smith and made by the Frankoma Factory under Smith's direction. It is a limited series, with this figures shape number being GS56. This beauty is well marked on the base. She is signed by Gerald Smith. She is numbered 224, which indicates she is number 224 in the series, which we believe was limited to 500. She is also marked on the base side edge 'Gerald 7.13.02', which was the date for the Zanesville Pottery Lovers' event in Ohio the summer of 2002.  This Nude is in original condition, no apologies.

Frankoma 11" Nude 'Nymph of the Oak Tree' #224 By Gerald Smith Ivory/White Glaze