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This vintage Henry Graack Fort Ticonderoga Pottery urn measures 4.25" high by 6 in diameter. This handsome urn was made by Graack to support the restoration of Fort Ticonderoga in the depression-era 1930s. Graack worked at Fort Ticonderoga at Lake Champlain in upstate NY, in the 1920s-1930s. He left NY c1935 when he was invited to Ocala, Florida by William Rae, owner of the Silver Springs. Graack spent the next thirty-one years, until his death in Ocala in 1966, making souvenir pottery for tourists at the Silver Spring. This urn is deeply impressed 'Fort Ticonderoga' on its base. It is in studio original condition with all the nuances of a handmade pot, no apologies.

Fort Ticonderoga Pottery Urn in Rich Blue Glaze by Henry A. Graack Jr. c1930s

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