This handsome pair of tiles measure 3" square by nearly 3/4" thick. They were made by the Flint Faience Company, in Flint, Michigan, which began operating around 1921 through the efforts of a Frenchman named Albert Champion and a Belgian ceramic artist named Carl Bergmans. The company, interestingly, was a subsidiary of the A.C. Spark Plug Company. Champion died in 1928 while in Paris. Eventually, the tile division closed around 1933, but as we all know, the Champion spark plug remains an American success story. These tiles are glazed in a fabulous crystalline glaze. The ground color is an ochre/brown, covered in random, large clustered blue crystals. One tile is well marked, and they are guaranteed to be a vintage Flint Faience Tile Co. from Flint, Michigan. They are in overall good condition on their faces, with nicks/chips on the side edges as seen in the photos. This pair of Flint Faience tiles make a handsome presentation!

Flint Faience Tile Works 3" Tiles (2) with Fabulous Crystalline Glazes c1921-33


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