This lovely pyrography box measures 2.25" high by 3" in diameter.  It was likely produced by the Flemish Art Company in New York at the turn of the last century.  It is a nice early Flemish box, with a carved motif of a single Rose on its lid and buds and leaves around its sides.  There is tiny hole in the lid for string, and it still retains a small ball of string inside. The original patina is a beautiful soft brown, with deeper hues in the carving.  It has a simple unhinged fitted lid.  This box does not bear the Flemish Art mark, but it is likely one produced and distributed by the company.  It is in original condition, with just normal wear from 100+ years of handling.  This vintage lidded string box makes a handsome presentation.

Flemish Art Co. NY Pyrography Wooden Round String Box with Rose Motif


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