This lovely pyrography box measures 4.5" high by 2.25" across by 1" wide.  Given its size, it is probably a crayon or pencil box for a child. It was likely produced by the Flemish Art Company in New York at the turn of the last century.  It is a nice early Flemish box, with a gorgeous deeply carved animal motif with a giraffe, hippo, anteater and a beaver on its front and back sides.  The original patina is a beautiful deep and rich brown, with superb carvings and red tracing colors.  It has working brass hinges for the lid.  This box does bear the Flemish Art mark on the interior, but it is very hard to read.  We are familiar with the Flemish mark, so we believe it is Flemish Art. It is in original condition, with just normal wear from being a ripe old age of 100+ years, no apologies.  This vintage lidded box makes a very rich Arts & Crafts presentation.

$OLD! Flemish Art Co. NY Pyrography Child's Pencil Box with Animal Motif c1900


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