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This impressively large ceramic/pottery slab tile measures a large 23" high by 17" wide.  It comes from an old estate in Pawtucket, R.I..  It is framed in an ornately handmade, carved gilt wood frame, which measures a large 28.5" high by 22.5" wide.  Ship scenics like this are often presented as a tableau of a series of 14-18 tiles, but this is one slab.  We believe it is European, as opposed to Dutch because there is a factory in the background, and the Dutch almost always would have placed a windmill in the background because it was a favored addition to any Dutch scenic for buyers outside of Holland.  It could be French or English, given the addition of the factory smokestacks.  We did open the back of the frame to check for a signature, but alas, there is none.  The tile is between a 1/4" to 1/2" thick.  It is in factory original condition, with a factory clay line on the front surface, which is covered by the scene.  We suspect it was a clay separation that they remedied at the studio.  We examined the backside to be sure it was not restored, and the back is pure white, no damage or restorations visible.  This tile is a thing of beauty, made better by an absolutely stunning frame that was likely made for this tile.  There are a couple of corner beads missing on the lower right corner of the frame, but it is not obvious at all, having been colored over many years ago.  This tile likely dates to c1850 given its composition and style.  We find it amazing that it has survived more than 160+ years.  This tile makes an awesome presentation.  Shipping costs for this tile will be determined by your zip code or country code. Please ask for a quote and I'd be happy to check the cost.

Unavailable, being reframed European Ship Scenic Tile 23" x 17" c1850

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