This beautiful ceramic vessel measures 5.25" high by 6" in diameter. It bears the shape number '45' in European-style digits, impressed in the base.  It is very reminiscent of Bernard Moore Pottery in their sang de boeuf glaze in a deep, lush ruby red glaze.  It has a classic ball urn form, with a nice wide banded collar.  This urn/vase is glazed in one of the most sought after glazes, Oxblood, which has tremendous character to the glaze, just breathtakingly beautiful! The glaze has a depth and warmth to it that must be felt to appreciate. This pot is marked '45' on the base, as noted.  It is in original condition, no apologies. There are shadow marks in the photos from glare, this pot's glaze is quite will not be disappointed!

European Ceramic Urn/Vase In Rich Lush Vibrant Oxblood Glaze #45 c1930