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This Lorenzen Pottery jug stands 3.75" high by 4" across the handle by 3" in diameter. It has a classic pitcher or jug form, with a rounded strap handle at its side. This jug is glazed in Lorenzen's signature orange uranium glaze, which is a rich and lush color in a volcanic, cratered presentation over a red clay body. The camera picked up a strong reddish hue, which is less pronounced in hand, likely because of the uranium qualities. The glaze is a nice rich orange, deepened and enhanced by its red clay body. This jug is well marked, Loenzen's, Nova Scotia and is guaranteed to be vintage Lorenzen's Pottery. It is in original condition, no apologies.

The Lorenzen's are Nova Scotia potting royalty. Ernst Lorenzen (1911-1990) and Alma Lorenzen (1916-1998) produced vessels like this jug after 1949 as that is when they produced pottery in Lantz, Nova Scotia utilizing Lantz Red Clay (said to be their favorite clay body) and each pot was signed in the 'Lorenzen's Nova Scotia' signature. Their orange uranium glaze was a signature of their pottery wares, and they were famous for their Mushrooms and Clay Works sculptures that are held in many Canadian and US institutions, and collected worldwide.

$OLD! TY! Ernst & Alma Lorenzen Pottery Jug Red Uranium Glaze Lantz, Nova Scotia

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