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This exceptional hand-thrown, sculpted, incised and carved English Arts & Crafts style vessel stands a tall 12" high by 6" in diameter. It has a wonderful form, with a Jack-in-the-Pulpit style rim, that is ruffled and folded down. The body of the vase is twisted and pleated, all hand-carved and incised. The carved flowers stand out above the surface in a tube-lined presentation and the leaves are incised into the body. The decoration is glazed in a palette of earth tones, which is very striking. The body has a hammered background while the blue-green neck and mouth have a fine leaf-like tooled veining. This early vase is signed 'DEAN' by hand for Roger Dean, who was an English potter of the Arts & Crafts era. It dates to c1890s. Dean earned fame when he developed his line called 'Trogonware' for Thomas Forester & Sons Pottery of Longton, Staffordshire in the 1920s-30s. Dean's later pieces with Forester had a similar style to this vessel, but were production ware, not hand-thrown or hand-carved. Dean's signature is noted on the base. The vessel is in near studio original condition, with a small restoration to a 1/4" surface glaze chip on the rim ruffle, which presents beautifully and is not detectable with the naked eye.  There is virtually no crazing. This lovely, more than 120 year-old pot from the 1890s makes a wonderful English Arts & Crafts presentation. It is a wonderful reflection and unique expression of the British Arts & Crafts movement.

English Arts & Crafts Hand-thrown & Carved Faience Vase by English Potter Dean

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