This Edouard Gilles vase stands a monumental 16" high by 12" across by 11" in diameter, and it weighs 15.5 pounds. Edouard Gilles, a French Impressionist painter was well known in France for his gorgeous Barbotine style of faience-decorated objects with copious amounts of flowers and leaves, many in three-dimensional form. He had a shop in Choisy Le Roy outside Paris, France between the 1870s-1880s. The French Barbotine style was introduced by the French, at the Philadelphia 1876 Exposition. It caught on like wildfire! Soon many countries, including the United Stated began producing their version of Barbotine wares with Impressionistic decorations. Edouard Gilles treated his porcelain pieces as if they were a canvas. He decorated this vessel in the impressionist style of the day using big and bold fully dimensional and stylized blossoms in full bloom on the front of the vase, which present like giant Peonies, along with copious buds and leaves. In addition, Gilles adorned this vase with gorgeous hand painted impressionistic blossoms and leaves all around as if painting on a canvas. He used a colorful palette over a charcoal and brown ground, a perfect choice to accent the decoration. There are white brush strokes around the lower portion of the vase, adding to its impressionistic style. It's absolutely fabulous! This vase is well marked with Edouard Gilles' wafer and the number 174. It is in very good condition with an old, but excellent professional restoration to chips on the edges of the blossoms, along with the usual glaze nuances of a hand painted pot, including skips in the glaze near the bottom edge, all shown in the photos. This vessel is front-heavy, so after more than 140 or so years, it is not surprising that is has acquired a few bumps along the way. There are a few minor edge nicks and surface chips, some factory in origin, which is expected and accepted wear for faience objects of this size and significance. Objects like this were used as intended, and obviously well-loved, given its condition. This is an extraordinarily large example of French Barbotine Faience, a fabulous Impressionist-painted style by a French master. Shipping fees will be based upon your zip code because of its size and weight. If questions please ask.

Edouard Gilles French Barbotine Faience Majolica Floor Vase with Blossoms c1880s


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