This very handsome Haeger vase is listed as shape 453 or 463 (hard to read the image text) in the 1929 Haeger catalog, shown in the Haeger book by Garmon and Frizzell.  It measures 6.5" high by 5.5" across by 4" wide.  It has a pillow form with rounded sides, which presents like a cactus, with a blossom at its center. It is glazed in a nice blue glaze with lavender hues, very pretty.  This vase bears its original paper label on the base, which is an early paper label, worn at the edges, but unmistakeably Haeger Pottery, Dundee, Illinois.  This vessel is in near original condition, with the usual glaze nuances, including some glaze pops, one on a blossom flower that looks like an excess clay thread, with a glaze pop, showing the white clay below.  It is hard to tell if the pops are pre or post-factory. There are some glaze thinning spots that show as white.  Overall, this is a great early example of Haeger from 1929.

$OLD! TY! Early Haeger Cactus Flower Pillow Vase c1929 Rich Blue/Lavender Glaze


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